CLS guidelines

Shipping to the Canadian Light Source

  • Ship one week before your scheduled experimental collection time
  • Users are responsible for the cost of transportation and customs clearance for shipments; C.O.D. packages will not be accepted
  • All packages must be addressed to a permanent staff member of the CLS, preferable to the beamline scientist or associate scientist you have been working with
  • To expedite outgoing shipments, you can make round-trip shipping arrangements from your home institution. Please advise Shipping & Receiving if you have made these arrangements

Address Package as follows:

Dr. Scott Rosendahl (or applicable recipient)
Mid Infrared Spectromicroscopy
Canadian Light Source, Inc.
University of Saskatchewan
44 Innovation Boulevard
Saskatoon, SK
Canada  S7N 2V3

***Please notify CLSI Receiving at least 1 week prior to arrival to advise of any shipments that will arrive before or during your beamtime. This is especially important if you intend to ship hazardous materials where storage of the shipment may require advance planning; if there are any special handling instructions.***

Some notes on shipping

  • Shipping frozen of refrigerated samples please label appropriately and notify beamline staff
  • If you are sending a hard drive or thumb drive, please label it with the principal investigator's name, enclose in protective wrapping, and include in shipping container.
  • Contact MidIR staff with specific sample handling requirements before your samples arrive at the CLS
  • Packing: Whenever possible, materials should be shipped in reusable containers (i.e. cardboard boxes or wood crates). These containers will be used to repackage items for return to your location. It is recommended that you include a packing slip with the destination address inside the package in case of lost or damaged shipments.

Return Shipping

Please complete Shipping Order Form

The most important information required is:

  • Your FedEx account number.  ["Consignee's Courier Account #" field]
  • The correct return address.
  • Shipping speed (optional).
    • *Overnight shipping is fast and recommended if your samples need specific storage conditions
    • Ground/economy shipping costs significantly less but may take a week or more so your samples should be stable
    • 2-day shipping might be a good compromise.
    • *If nothing is indicated, overnight shipping will be assumed. Please allow sufficient time for outgoing shipments.

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Users should consult with a Materials Specialist at their location for the proper handling and shipping of hazardous materials.

Hazardous materials shipped to or from the CLS by truck must be packaged and handled according to Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) regulations. Hazardous materials shipped by air must meet International Air Transportation Association (IATA) regulations.
Each shipment of hazardous materials must include pertinent Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS). Two copies of MSDS are required for products covered under WHIMIS along with appropriate warning labels.

Ship the smallest quantity necessary for your experiment.

Shipping in the time of COVID

Special protocols on packaging your samples.

  1. Confirm the number of samples and the sample preparation protocols with the beamline responsible and get approval before shipping your samples.
  2. Each sample should be packaged appropriately in plastic envelopes that can be discarded. If you are using vials or containers for bulk samples, add additional plastic envelopes that can be discarded and we will be using surface sanitizers on the containers before the beamline staff can handle the actual sample.
  3. Mark all the sample details (including sample number, sample name, quantities, and hazards) in the shipping documents to make sure your samples arrive in time at the CLS.

Shipping Contact

Location: Room 1055, CLS Main Floor Level
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
Phone: 1-306-657-3657
Fax: 1-306-657-3533
Email: stores@lightsource.ca