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Quasar is an open-source collection of spectroscopic data analysis toolboxes extending the Orange machine learning and data visualization suite. Visual data analysis workflows support novice and expert users alike in creating dynamic and reproducible data pipelines which integrate spectral processing, hyperspectral maps and multivariate analysis.

Spectral processing routines include baseline subtraction, normalization, FFT, EMSC, peak analysis, differentiation and smoothing which can be quickly and easily applied to a dataset. The resulting spectral features can than be combined with other sample attributes such as concentration, growth conditions or other perturbations for multivariate analysis using tools such as regression and classification models, clustering, principal component analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis and more. Workflows created by a researcher can then be shared and reproduced to ensure consistent analysis in large projects and review past analyses.

Built on the power of the scientific Python community, advanced users can easily add custom code into a workflow, saving time from re-implementing data loading, processing, and plotting routines. Contributions to the software are also welcomed.

For more information and to download the software, visit https://quasar.codes.


The preferred installation method is to use the pre-built installers at https://quasar.codes/download/.

These include the orange-spectroscopy toolbox and OpusFC file loader by default.





Installation from Orange

The preferred installation method is to use the pre-built installers at https://quasar.codes/download/.

However, if you are already using Orange or prefer to use it instead of Quasar:

  1. Download Orange from: https://orange.biolab.si/download
  2. Run the installer, which will also install the miniconda python distribution.
  3. Install orange-spectroscopy by going to "Options" "Add-ons..." and choosing "Spectroscopy".
  4. If you want to read OPUS files, as of orange-spectroscopy version 0.4.0 you must manually install the opusFC package:
    1. Go to Options / Add-ons
    2. Click the "Add more..." button
    3. Enter "opusFC" into the text box
    4. Check the box next to "Opus F C" and click OK to install

Note that if you already have Anaconda/miniconda installed, as of 3.9.0 the Orange installer will nicely re-use that installation.