Getting started

Many example workflows can be found when you first open Quasar or on the Orange website (https://orange.biolab.si/workflows/) including:

Another good resource is the widget catalog. This information is also available in Quasar as built-in help, which you can access by selecting any widget and pressing F1.

Exploring Hyperspectra

This example workflow shows some of the ways you can explore hyperspectral data.

Hyperspectra Workflow


Selecting Regions of Interest

This example workflow demonstrates selecting multiple regions in hyperspectral maps and analyzing the spectra from those regions.



Large Data Sets

For large datasets, the tile loader is especially useful. The workflow demonstrates how to combine the tile-by-tile loader with preprocessors to load a large dataset directly into a reduced (and therefore smaller) form. It is useful for datasets where the file size is causing problems with memory usage and a preprocessor workflow has already been established.