1. Remove Sample

  • Lower sample stage z all the way
  • LOWER the microscope stage z by ~5000-6000 microns
    • ⚠️ (Collision danger) Make sure the microscope z is lowered to prevent crystal arm colliding with objective
  • Loosen crystal arm screws and swing away
  • Rotate objective into front position
  • Remove sample chuck
  • Removal of crystal arm
  • Loosen left crystal arm screw until crystal arm can be removed

2. Cleaning Germanium Crystal and Sample Chuck

⚠️ (IMPORTANT TIP) Careful when handling the crystal arm: Never touch the top surface of the ATR crystal. Clean the sample tip (bottom) with lens paper only. Contact your beamline staff if you have questions about the appropriate solvent to use for your system. ONLY use water/alcohols.
  • Carefully clean the crystal tip and side with water/isopropanol (depending on sample). Finish with methanol and let completely dry before assembly
  • Meanwhile, remove sample from chuck. Clean if needed and place new sample.

3. Reassemble Macro-ATR Plate

  • Reassemble crystal arm onto the macro-ATR plate in the swung out position with left screw fastened
  • Rotate in objective back into position

From here on, continue with Measurement Procedure for User section.