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  • Orange is the New Infrared Image

    News: Orange is the New Infrared

    Posted on July 08, 2016
    The CLS Mid-IR beamline, in collaboration with infrared beamlines at SOLEIL and Elettra, has begun developing open-source spectral data processing and analysis software tools building on the multivariate data analysis, visualization and mining suite. Spectral processing routines such as baseline subtraction, normalization, FFT, integration, differentiation and smoothing can be quickly and easily applied to a dataset. The resulting spectral features can than be combined with other sample attributes such as concentration, growth conditions or other perturbations for multivariate analysis using tools such as regression and classification models, principal component analysis, hierarchical cluster analysis and more. This software is developed in Python and will be available under an open-source license, enabling easy collaboration, contribution of new features and verification of processing algorithms. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a user of this software or contributing to development.